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Pawel Jasica


Since the age of 12, Pawel had cherished the time he spent sailing with his father and taking holidays in the beautiful lake region of Masuria, Poland. Over the years his passion for the sea grew strong and his mind was set on the yachting lifestyle, seizing the opportunity to cross the Atlantic at the age of 20 and then purchasing his own yacht just one year later. Soon after, Captain Pawel’s love for sailing developed into a career which has taken him on travels throughout the Caribbean, Mediterranean and French Polynesia logging over 80,000nm on board catamarans and monohulls since 2008.
He also is a passionate kitesurfer and freediver. Highly experienced, confident, and enthusiastic, Pawel looks forward to treating guests staying onboard Orion for the holiday of a lifetime!



Caoimhe is a vibrant Irish native, who was born for adventure, travel, and bringing a sense of warmth and comfort to everyone she meets. She was introduced to sailing 7 years ago and her quest for working on board started then. She did the necessary courses and was offered her first job as a1st Mate and Chef on board. Since then, a whole new adventure combining her love and passion for the sea, sailing, hospitality, food and cooking flared up. Her adventurous nature and extensive travel brings a collection of unique flavors to not only her cooking but stories to entertain.




Miłosz grew up by the Polish coast where he started competitive sailing at the age of seven. After exploring the Baltic and North Sea, he became a captain at the age of 25. By the time he graduated from university education, he was sailing full time and proceeded to win National ORC Championships twice. Having done multiple yacht deliveries in Northern Atlantic and Pacific regions, he developed a passion for living on and exploring the ocean. He is always happy to share that passion, especially with people newly introduced to sailing, diving or snorkeling.



Having always lived by the sea, Mael has developed a love and passion for it. She is adventurous and curious about the world around her and brings forward a positive attitude. She loves making guests feel at home providing a relaxing ambiance to your holiday, always accompanied by a smile. 

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