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Auckland Yacht Charter Itinerary

There's a reason the sun shines in New Zealand before anywhere else – a new day in Aotearoa (Māori term for New Zealand) is always something to celebrate! New Zealand is small, remote and thinly populated, packed with incredible scenery, fantastic festivals, excellent food & wine, and surrounded by magical outdoor experiences. There is no question that New Zealand is the most exceptional luxury yacht charter.


Day #1 - Waiheke Island

Depart from Auckland and sail to Waiheke Island, 15 nautical miles away, and about two hours ' ride. Stay in one of the picturesque bays with beautiful beaches for the evening. Tour the island and visit some of the renowned vineyards. There are also many dive sites to explore.


Day #2 & 3 - Great Barrier Island

An early departure will bring you to Great Barrier Island, 70% conservation land, and a hiker's paradise in the indigenous bush with hot mineral pools to unwind in at the end of an exciting day. There are several opportunities available to spend a full day of adventure. Activities involve beach riding and swimming with horses (the horses do the swimming!) mountain biking to the hot water springs through the forests; 8x8 adventures, crossing beaches, wetlands and volcanic terrain; diving among the many pinnacles, shipwrecks, fishing or climbing to the peak of Mt Hobson for fantastic views.


Day #4 & 5 - Bay Of Islands

A further early morning departure will take you to the Bay of Islands, stopping along the way at the Poor Knights Marine Reserve (one of the top 10 dive destinations in Cousteau). The Bay of Islands, famous for its amazing coastal scenery, is punctuated by dozens of coves and clear waters ranging from turquoise to deep blue. Enjoy fishing or go to the historic Russell for lunch and explore the town and its stunning coastline. Fancy somehting else? Take a dive trip to the Cavalli Islands and dive on The Rainbow Warrior Greenpeace boat.


Day #6 - Goat Island

Goat Island is the next stop on your Auckland yacht charter, then for the night on Kawau Island. Goat Island is the first marine sanctuary in the country (547 acres), and the sea has developed into a huge aquarium. You can snorkel and scuba dive and see huge snapper, blue maomao, crayfish, stingrays, vibrant sponges, and if you're lucky enough, orcas and bottle-nosed dolphins! The Mansion House was once home to the first Governor General of New Zealand on Kawau. Today, the grounds are populated by Wallabies and Peacock.


Day #7 - Auckland

Wake up in Auckland, a city filled with great shopping, fantastic restaurants and scenery a great way to spend the last day of your luxury yacht charter. Visit a beach with black sand surfing, or see how many of the 56 volcanoes you can visit.


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